Bitcoin Hash Rate Down 10% after Mining Difficulty ...

XLM can reach $0.10 soon – here's why

XLM can reach $0.10 soon – here's why
Stellar is firmly occupying the 13th spot on the list of the cryptocurrencies with the largest market cap. Last week, we witnessed yet another proof of lumens’ potential: as all the coins dropped on June 02, it was XLM to recover faster than others.
There was a veritable crypto massacre on June 2, when the price of Bitcoin fell by 8% in just five minutes. As usual, other coins followed, with Stellar also losing 8%:
The Bitcoin sell-off was predictable. As soon as BTC makes a move beyond the psychologically important $10,000 mark, whales start selling. Plus, we feel that there are still many miners who have been stashing their mining proceeds for the past few months, waiting for a rally. They decided to hold on to their coins just after the halving, when the expected price explosion didn’t happen.
In fact, data suggests that over 60% of all Bitcoins in active circulation haven’t moved for several months. This is a major indicator of a HODLing sentiment in the market. But as soon, as there’s a bullish move, HODLers jump on the opportunity and sell.
As we’ve said, XLM dropped 8% from $0.083519 to $0.076917. That was a major disappointment to many traders and investors, as Stellar had been on a roll for the whole preceding week since May 26. During that period, it gained an amazing 29%, going from $0.06459 to $0.08352. There were all the reasons to expect a move above $0.10 — a very important mark for XLM.
However, after the ‘massacre’ it was finally Stellar’s time to shine. If you look at the chart for the past month, you can see that the drop was just the deepest among the many recent corrections on the way to a local peak of $0.085514 on June 4:
This marked an overall rise by 32% in just 10 days — an amazing result for a top-20 coin.
What about the slight downward movement that came after? It represents another 7% slump, but from a much higher peak. In the opinion of the XLMwallet analysts, this is nothing more than a regular correction before a new bullish stretch.
The key resistance level to break through will be $0.088. If Stellar manages to overcome it, there’s hardly any obstacles on the way to $0.10.
On the fundamentals side of things, there isn’t much to report: the Stellar Foundation has kept quiet in the past couple of weeks. Therefore, we can expect the price of XLM to largely follow that of Bitcoin. Here, there are more reasons to expect further growth, as BTC miners are quickly returning to the network. The average block time is now at its lowest since 2014: a bit over 8.5 minutes. Of course, mining difficulty will be soon adjusted upward, but generally such ‘difficulty runs’ are a very bullish sign.
Bloomberg updated its BTC price forecast to $20,000 by the end of 2020. A doubling of the BTC price can produce a rise of at least 80% in the price of XLM, taking it all the way to $0.18 or even higher. Therefore, our advice to everyone who is holding lumens in their XLMwallet remains the same: hold.
Don’t get us wrong: we love it when you use our fast, light-weight wallet to send XLM to your friends or pay for goods and services online. Stellar is indeed one of the best cryptocurrencies for payments. But right now the wisest thing is to HODL. If you need to pay in crypto, rather pay in stablecoins.
Do you agree with our analysis? Write your own XLM price forecast in the comments! And if you don’t have an XLMwallet yet, hop over to and activate one right now — it takes only 10 seconds!
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HOLTON BUGGS | Why Network Marketers Must Face New Tests In Order To Succeed

For over 60 years, Network Marketing has actually assisted to create even more millionaires than most likely any various other market. It has actually enabled average individuals to produce wealth regardless of their history, education and learning, race or how much cash they had in their savings account.
Hundreds of people have come to be millionaires without the normal prices connected with setting up and also beginning their very own organisation.
The introduction of the Web was once hailed as the excellent device for Multi level marketer, it altered just how business was run, operated as well as grown. Before the Internet, people developed their companies in your area and then worked hard to build them across the country. The Internet allowed them to develop faster nationally as well as eventually around the world.
With several organisations expanding internationally, that in itself brought much more troubles. The registration of business in international nations as well as of course, the registration of the items. Some firms fell behind and saw their turnover decrease. Others stepped up to the difficulty and produced substantial firms.
Today countless people worldwide are involved in Mlm, however how will it alter and establish in the years to come?
From the very early 2000's we saw a big boost of firms offering all-natural wellness items. Wave after wave of new, healthier, life transforming products flooded the market. Lots of were very good and very reliable, nevertheless, some new business just jumped on the bandwagon as well as took advantage of the tidal bore of interest bordering wellness.
From the late 2000's we saw a boost of the number of companies offering cosmetic products as well as once again, even though several items were of top quality, others merely benefited from the expanding fad.
Today lots of health firms and cosmetic companies are seeing an autumn in the number of individuals signing up with and an increase in the number of individuals leaving. Numerous retail companies as well as companies have actually created products cheaper and equally as reliable. Several companies have also seen a significant decrease in the number of visitors to their sites. Is Mlm experiencing a clinical depression?
The child boomers had a substantial effect on Internet marketing. A lot of the products and also organisations were customized to their requirements. Currently though as infant boomers get to retired life the industry is facing a new difficulty. Do we cater for simply infant boomers or do we begin to target the younger market and move business on via modern technology?
The following 2 or 3 years will, I believe, be very important for all firms in this industry. In 2014 we saw the closure of a $Billion a year business. The reasons behind the closure have not been completely published although some reports are that the company relied primarily on its distributors to buy products every month as well as not enough focus on new consumers? If this is true, after that a whole new can of worms has actually been opened up and also several business will be running about in panic seeing to it they have sufficient new consumers every month to stop interest from the authorities.
One more rumor is that the authorities are seriously wanting to avoid business from charging their distributors immediately each month for item and also earnings qualification. Auto-ship, as it is recognized in the market, could end up being a thing of the past. This alone will certainly have a large effect, not simply on the business, however additionally on the revenues of numerous distributors. Again, I worry, it is in the meantime only a report.
So where will the industry go from below as well as how ill it manage any brand-new regulations or compelled modifications it will require to make?
No matter what you may believe, the industry is still very popular and also will continue to be the very best choice for any person that intends to relocate far from corporate business and benefit themselves yet not by themselves. There is, since today, nothing else means someone can produce wide range without significant startup prices.
The Web has actually opened new doors for people and also provided the chance to learn as well as begin an on the internet company. Nonetheless, the failing price for people beginning associate businesses or online companies is much higher than that of people who stopped Mlm.
Even so, Network Marketing needs to transform with the times and make use of the massive potential of today's technical globe. Cellphone are anticipated to represent over 70% of Net site visitors within the next five years worldwide. In many third world countries, that figure is also higher now!
Within 5 years over 5 billion people will certainly have access to the Web. Today that number is 2.8 Billion, so the possibility for any business to progress it needs to have the ability to meet the demands of it market.
We are likewise seeing a slow-moving yet certain decline in the need for money. The UK in 2015 had much less people spending money than those who paid with cards or cellphones. Some financial experts forecast that the UK will certainly become one of the initial western countries to get rid of the demand for money within 5 years!
Kenya introduced mobile settlements a few years ago as well as today a lot of its populace use it for nearly all their purchases. It is odd to believe that people do not have cash money however they all have smart phones!
Apple Pay, PayPal and also various other kinds of settlements are ending up being the standard today as well as are all contributing to the sluggish yet certain removal of cash money.
How however will this impact the Multi level marketing market and why is it vital?
I think the greatest effect will certainly be for distributors. Lots of people are wanting to construct a worldwide company and the easy fact is that if a firm just has health products or cosmetics, the chance to construct a company globally is limited. This can in my point of view have an unfavorable effect on any person wishing to construct worldwide and also persuade them to relocate to an organisation that has international chances.
Along with that, the younger generation is extra cynical regarding so called "wonder products" today as well as we have seen a substantial enhancement in regular retail store products that use the exact same for a whole lot much less in rate.
The one location where the industry will see enormous development and also capacity is in the globe of digital currency. As we move increasingly more towards a cashless society, it makes sense that electronic currency will at some point become the means most people spend for items and solutions.
We have currently seen a substantial surge in the variety of companies that accept Bitcoin and that pattern will only increase with time. The major product firms can offer in the electronic world is certainly education and learning. Education in innovation, digital money and also investing. This I think is one location where Internet marketing has the prospective to grow as well as is currently making huge strides in that market.
There will certainly constantly be an air of skepticism bordering Network Marketing, despite the fact that most individuals do it every single day of their life. Whenever we recommend something or someplace to a buddy or coworker, we are in reality network marketing. Word of mouth has been the best kind of advertising and marketing for several years and despite all the different means business can promote their company today, word of mouth and suggestion will certainly constantly be the front runner for lots of people.
If you remain in Internet marketing or thinking about joining a company, after that do your due persistance. Don't jump in with a firm that restricts your potential. The following 5 years will see some large changes occurring and any kind of firm you determine to collaborate with, have to remain in a position to not just provide you the tools, yet also a possibility that will certainly in time be eye-catching to every person as well as not simply those that want to begin a company from residence.
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IoT Testing !!!

IoT is a whole ecosystem that contains intelligent devices equipped with sensors (sensors) that provide remote control, storage, transmission and security of data. The Internet of Things (IoT) is an innovative solution in various areas such as healthcare, insurance, labor protection, logistics, ecology, etc. To unleash the full potential of using IoT devices, it is necessary to solve many problems related to standards, security, architecture, ecosystem construction, channels and device connection protocols. Today in the world, large organizations such as NIST, IEEE, ISO / IEC, and others make enormous efforts in addressing the issues of standardization, security, and the architecture of developed devices. Analysis of recent scientific research in the field of solving information security issues and data privacy of IoT devices showed positive results, but these methods and approaches are based on traditional methods of network security. The development and application of security mechanisms for IoT devices is a complex and heterogeneous task. In this regard, ensuring information security and the protection of sensitive data, as well as the availability of IoT devices, is the main purpose of writing this article. Given the above, many questions arise related to the security status of IoT devices, namely: What are the current standards and protocols for IoT? What are the requirements for ensuring information security of IoT devices? What security mechanisms do IoT devices have? What methods of testing IoT devices exist? Manufacturers and developers of IoT devices do not pay enough attention to security issues. With the development of cyber-attacks, attack vectors are becoming more sophisticated and aimed at several infrastructure elements at the same time. IoT infrastructure typically includes millions of connected objects and devices that store and share confidential information. Scenarios of theft and fraud, such as hacking and falsifying personal data, pose a serious threat to such IoT devices. Most IoT devices use the public Internet to exchange data, which makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Modern approaches to information security often offer solutions to individual problems, when multi-level approaches offer increased resistance to cyber-attacks.
Challenges of testing IoT devices
To a request to name essential items, many would answer: food, a roof over your head, clothes … With one caveat: this was the case in the last century.
Since then, the species Homo Sapiens has accumulated needs. We need automatic sensors to control the lighting, not just switches, for smart systems to monitor health and car traffic. The list goes on … In general, we can make life easier and better.
Let’s try to figure out how all this Internet of things works before moving on to testing.
IoT testing
What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? Examples of IoT devices # 1) Wearable technology: # 2) Infrastructure and development # 3) Health Technologies that are present in IoT IoT Testing # 1) Usability: # 2) IoT Security: # 3) Network features: # 4) Efficiency: # 5) Compatibility testing: # 6) Pilot testing: # 7) Check for compliance: # 8) Testing updates: IoT testing challenges # 1) Hard / soft # 2) Device Interaction Model # 3) Testing data coming in real time # 4) UI # 5) Network Availability IoT Testing Tools # 1) Software: # 2) Hard: Total What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? The Internet of things (or IoT) is a network that combines many objects: vehicles, home automation, medical equipment, microchips, etc. All these constituent elements accumulate and transmit data. Through this technology, the user controls the devices remotely.

Examples of IoT devices

# 1) Wearable technology: Fitbit Fitness Bracelets and Apple Watch smart watches sync seamlessly with other mobile devices.

IoT – watches and bracelets

Itís easier to collect health information: heart rate, body activity during sleep, etc.
# 2) Infrastructure and development The CitySense app analyzes lighting data online and turns lights on and off automatically. There are applications that control traffic lights or report on the availability of parking lots.
# 3) Health Some health monitoring systems are used in hospitals. The basis of their work is indicative data. These services control the dosage of drugs at different times of the day. For example, the UroSense application monitors the level of fluid in the body and, if necessary, increases this level. And doctors will learn about patient information wirelessly.
Technologies that are present in IoT RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), EPC (Electronic Product Code) NFC (ìNear Field Communicationî) provides two-way communication between devices. This technology is present in smartphones and is used for contactless transactions.
Bluetooth It is widely used in situations where near-field communication is sufficient. Most often present in wearable devices. Z-Wave. Low frequency RF technology. Most often used for home automation, lighting control, etc. WiFi. The most popular network for IoT (file, data and message transfer). IoT Testing Consider an example : a medical system that monitors health status, heart rate, fluid content, and sends reports to healthcare providers. Data is displayed in the system; archives available. And doctors are already deciding whether to take medication for the patient remotely.
IoT architecture
There are several approaches for testing the IoT architecture.
# 1) Usability: It is necessary to provide usability testing of each device. A medical device that monitors your health should be portable.
Sufficiently thought out equipment is needed that would send not only notifications, but also error messages, warnings, etc. The system must have an option that captures events, so that the end user understands. If this is not possible, event information is stored in the database. The ability to process data and exchange tasks between devices is carefully checked. # 2) IoT Security: Data is at the heart of all connected devices. Therefore, unauthorized access during data transfer is not ruled out. From the point of view of software testing, it is necessary to check how secure / encrypted the data is. If there is a UI, you need to check if it is password protected. # 3) Network features: Network connectivity and IoT functionality are critical. After all, we are talking about a system that is used for health purposes. Two main aspects are tested: The presence of a network , the possibility of data transfer (whether jobs are transferred from one device to another without any hitch). The scenario when there is no connection . Regardless of the level of reliability of the system, it is likely that the status of the system will be ìofflineî. If the network is unavailable, employees of the hospital or other organization need to know about it (notifications). Thus, they will be able to monitor the condition of the patient themselves, and not wait for the system to work. On the other hand, in such systems there is usually a mechanism that saves data if the system is offline. That is, data loss is eliminated. # 4) Efficiency: It is necessary to take into account the extent to which the healthcare solution is applicable in specific conditions. In testing, from 2 to 10 patients participate, data is transmitted to 10-20 devices. If the entire hospital is connected to the network, this is already 180-200 patients. That is, there will be more actual data than test data. In addition, it is necessary to test the utility for monitoring the system: current load, power consumption, temperature, etc. # 5) Compatibility testing: This item is always present in the plan for testing the IoT system. The compatibility of different versions of operating systems, browser types and their respective versions, devices of different generations, communication modes [for example, Bluetooth 2.0, 3.0] is extremely important for IoT. # 6) Pilot testing: Pilot testing is a mandatory point of the test plan. Only tests in the laboratory will allow us to conclude that the system is functional. In pilot testing, the number of users is limited. They make manipulations with the application and express their opinion. These comments turn out to be very helpful, they make a reliable application. # 7) Check for compliance: The system, which monitors the state of health, undergoes many compliance checks. It also happens that a software product passes all stages of testing, but fails the final test for compliance [testing is carried out by the regulatory body]. It is more advisable to check for compliance with norms and standards before starting the development cycle. # 8) Testing updates: IoT is a combination of many protocols, devices, operating systems, firmware, hardware, network layers, etc. When an update occurs – be it a system or something else of the above – rigorous regression testing is required. The overall strategy is being amended to avoid the difficulties associated with the upgrade.

IoT testing challengesIoT testing

# 1) Hard / soft IoT is an architecture in which software and hardware components are closely intertwined. Not only software is important, but also hard: sensors, gateways, etc.
Functional testing alone will not be enough to certify the system. All components are interdependent. IoT is much more complicated than simpler systems [only software or only hard].
# 2) Device Interaction Model Components of the network must interact in real time or close to real. All this becomes a single whole – hence the additional difficulties associated with IoT (security, backward compatibility and updates).
# 3) Testing data coming in real time Obtaining this data is extremely difficult. The matter is complicated by the fact that the system, as in the described case, may relate to the health sector.
# 4) UI An IoT network usually consists of different devices that are controlled by different platforms [iOS, Android, Windows, linux]. Testing is possible only on some devices, since testing on all possible devices is almost impossible.
# 5) Network Availability Network connectivity plays an important role in IoT. The data rate is increasing. IoT architecture should be tested under various connection conditions, at different speeds. Virtual network emulators in most cases are used to diversify network load, connectivity, stability, and other elements of load testing . But the evidence is always new scenarios, and the testing team does not know where the difficulties will arise in the future.

IoT Testing ToolsIoT and software

There are many tools that are used in testing IoT systems.
They are classified depending on the purpose:
# 1) Software: Wireshark : An open source tool. Used to monitor traffic in the interface, source / given host address, etc. Tcpdump : This tool does a similar job. The utility does not have a GUI, its interface is the command line. It enables the user to flash TCP / IP and other packets that are transmitted over the network. # 2) Hard: JTAG Dongle: A tool similar to debuggers in PC applications. Allows you to find defects in the code of the target platform and shows the changes step by step. Digital Storage Oscilloscope : checks various events using time stamps, power outages, signal integrity. Software Defined Radio : emulates a transmitter and receiver for various wireless gateways. IoT is an emerging market and many opportunities. In the foreseeable future, the Internet of things will become one of the main areas of work for tester teams. Network devices, smart gadget applications, communication modules – all this plays an important role in the study and evaluation of various services.
Total The approach to testing IoT may vary depending on the specific system / architecture.
Itís difficult to test IoT, but at the same time itís an interesting job, since testers have a good place to swing – there are many devices, protocols and operating systems.
PS You should try out the TAAS format (“tests from the user’s point of view”), and not just fulfill the formal requirements.
Smart watches, baby-sitters, wireless gadgets and devices such as, for example, a portable radio station have long been part of everyday life.
Hackers have already proven that many of these attacks on IoT are possible.
Many people in general first learned about IoT security threats when they heard about the Mirai botnet in September 2016.
According to some estimates, Mirai infected about 2.5 million IoT devices, including printers, routers and cameras connected to the Internet.
The botnetís creators used it to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, including an attack on the KrebsonSecurity cybersecurity blog.
In fact, the attackers used all devices infected with Mirai to try to connect to the target site at the same time, in the hope of suppressing the servers and preventing access to the site.
Since Mirai was first published on the news, attackers launched other botnet attacks on IoT, including Reaper and Hajime.
Experts say that such attacks are most likely in the future.
The Internet of Things (IoT) can bring many advantages to modern life, but it also has one huge drawback: security threats.
In its 2018 IOT forecasts, Forroter Research notes: ìSecurity threats are a major concern for companies deploying IoT solutions – in fact, this is the main task of organizations looking to deploy IoT solutions.
However, most firms do not regularly prevent IoT-specific security threats, and business pressure suppresses technical security issues. î
IoT security risks can be even more significant on the consumer side, where people are often unaware of potential threats and what they should do to avoid threats.
A 2017 IoT security survey sponsored by Gemalto Security Provider found that only 14 percent of consumers surveyed consider themselves IoT-aware.
This number is particularly noteworthy because 54 percent of the respondents owned an average of four IoT devices.
And these IoT security threats are not just theoretical.
Hackers and cybercriminals have already found ways to compromise many IoT devices and networks, and experts say that successful attacks are likely to increase.
Forrester predicted: “In 2018, we will see more attacks related to IoT … except that they will increase in scale and loss.”
What types of IoT security threats will enterprises and consumers face in 2018?
Based on historical precedent, here are ten of the most likely types of attacks.
  1. Botnets and DDoS attacks
  2. Remote recording The possibility that attackers can hack IoT devices and record owners without their knowledge is not revealed as a result of the work of hackers, but as a result of the work of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
Documents released by WikiLeaks implied that the spy agency knew about dozens of zero-day exploits for IoT devices, but did not disclose errors, because they hoped to use vulnerabilities to secretly record conversations that would reveal the actions of alleged opponents of America.
Documents pointed to vulnerabilities in smart TVs, as well as on Android and iOS smartphones.
The obvious consequence is that criminals can also exploit these vulnerabilities for their vile purposes.
  1. Spam In January 2014, one of the first known attacks using IoT devices used more than 100,000 Internet-connected devices, including televisions, routers, and at least one smart refrigerator to send 300,000 spam emails per day.
The attackers sent no more than 10 messages from each device, which makes it very difficult to block or determine the location of the incident.
This first attack was not far from the last.
IoT spam attacks continued in the fall with the Linux.ProxyM IoT botnet.
  1. APTs In recent years, advanced persistent threats (APTs) have become a serious concern for security professionals.
APTs are carried out by funded and widespread attackers such as nation states or corporations that launch complex cyberattacks that are difficult to prevent or mitigate.
For example, the Stuxnet worm, which destroyed Iranian nuclear centrifuges and hacking Sony Pictures 2014, was attributed to nation states.
Because the critical infrastructure is connected to the Internet, many experts warn that APTs may launch a power-oriented IoT attack, industrial control systems, or other systems connected to the Internet.
Some even warn that terrorists could launch an attack on iOT, which could harm the global economy.
  1. Ransomware Ransomware has become too common on home PCs and corporate networks. Now experts say that it is only a matter of time before the attackers begin to block smart devices. Security researchers have already demonstrated the ability to install ransomware on smart thermostats. For example, they can raise the temperature to 95 degrees and refuse to return it to its normal state until the owner agrees to pay a ransom in Bitcoins. They can also launch similar attacks on garage doors, vehicles, or even appliances. How much would you pay to unlock your smart coffee pot first thing in the morning?
  2. Data theft Obtaining important data, such as customer names, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other personal information, is still one of the main goals of cyber attacks.
IoT devices represent a whole new vector of attack for criminals looking for ways to invade corporate or home networks.
For example, if an improperly configured device or IoT sensor is connected to corporate networks, this can give attackers a new way to enter the network and potentially find the valuable data that they need.
  1. Home theft As smart locks and smart garage doors become more commonplace, it is also more likely that cybercriminals can become real thieves.
Home systems that are not properly protected can be vulnerable to criminals with sophisticated tools and software.
Security researchers are unlikely to have shown that itís quite easy to break into a house through smart locks from several different manufacturers, and smart garage doors do not seem to be much safer.
  1. Communication with children One of the most disturbing IoT security stories came from children.
One couple discovered that the stranger not only used his monitor for children to spy on their three-year-old son, this stranger also spoke with his child through the device.
Mother heard an unknown voice: ìWake up, boy, dad is looking for you,î and the child said that he was scared because at night someone was talking to him on an electronic device.
As more and more children’s gadgets and toys connect to the Internet, it seems likely that these frightening scenarios may become more common.
  1. Remote control of a vehicle As vehicles become smarter and more accessible on the Internet, they also become vulnerable to attack.
Hackers have shown that they can take control of a jeep, maximize air conditioning, change the radio station, start the wipers, and ultimately slow down the car.
The news led to the recall of 1.4 million cars, but whitehat researchers, following the original exploit, said they discovered additional vulnerabilities that were not fixed by the Chrysler patch applied to the recalled cars.
Although experts say the automotive industry is doing a great job of ensuring vehicle safety, it is almost certain that attackers will find new vulnerabilities in such smart cars.
  1. Personal attacks Sometimes IoT covers more than just devices – it can also include people who have connected medical devices implanted in their bodies.
An episode of the television series Homeland attempted a murder aimed at an implanted medical device, and former vice president Dick Cheney was so worried about this scenario that he turned off the wireless capabilities on his implanted defibrillator.
This kind of attack has not yet happened in real life, but it remains possible, as many medical devices become part of the IoT.
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Bubble-watch chart apologia

An explanation of the bubble-watch chart, to warn the naive and pacify the critics
I got my prices from the daily weighted price on
A quick look at the log chart for bitcoin shows two obvious patterns:
Pattern 1: The price has risen exponentially over time.
Pattern 2: There have been bubbles in the price at regular intervals.
The bubble-watch chart is an attempt to answer the following question:
"Assuming both patterns hold for the remainder of 2014, how would the price behave?"
To answer that question, first let's introduce the "lower boundary" curve. This curve is defined by line segments on the log chart that have the following properties:
  1. One line segment per bubble.
  2. Line segments are positioned with their endpoints on the "troughs" on either side of each bubble.
By using these line segments we can see changes in the exponential slope over time. In particular, notice that the slope was very high at the beginning and then the June 2011 bubble came along. Then the slope was very low, until the April 2013 bubble. Here is a bar chart to show how the slope has changed over time:
Second, let's graph the difference between the ln(price) and the y value of the lower boundary curve:
At this point we have mathematically separated the two patterns. We have an exponential slope component that looks like this:
... and we have the above graph showing the periodic bubbles.
To answer our question of what would happen during the rest of 2014 we need to extrapolate each component.
To extrapolate the exponential line, I am going to show two scenarios:
  1. Middle scenario. This scenario assumes that the lower boundary line during the July 2014 bubble will have the same slope as the average slope over the whole price history.
  2. Low scenario. This scenario assumes that the lower boundary line will have the same slope as the line had during the August 2012 bubble. This is based on the theory that says that the lower boundary curve is too high relative to the long term exponential trend. The curve can be expected to revert to the trend sometime soon, which requires having a slope that is lower than average.
To extrapolate the bubble, I am going to just shift the last three bubbles forward in time, so that they all peak on 2014-11-30. This lines them up with the pop of the most recent bubble.
On the delta chart, they look like this:
Put both components together by adding them and you get this:
And when you convert back from exponential to regular, you get this:
Here it is with two different proposed extensions to the lower boundary line:
Some things to point out:
  1. There may not be another bubble.
  2. The next bubble may not look like the previous 3 bubbles.
  3. Bitcoin is an experiment. Do not risk more than you can afford to lose.
  4. The lower boundary for December is not finished being defined until the trough after the December peak is in our rear view mirror. Until that happens, the December lower boundary can continue moving down if the price continues going down. When the price stops going down, the lower boundaries will stop changing. See here for a description of my handling of the moving lower boundary.
  5. I am long bitcoin but will be taking some profit this summer if we have a bubble. I plan to use my chart to help give me a rational expectation for the size of the next bubble to improve my chances of selling at the correct time.
  6. This model assumes that the two patterns hold. I think that it is a reasonable assumption. There have been 7 bubbles over a four year period, over which both patterns have stayed true. The market penetration is still very small. The infrastructure is still getting built out. The bitcoin protocol is still improving. The investor money is still piling in. Does all of this guarantee that the patterns will hold for one more round? No. Do they mean that it is rational to compare the actual price to a model based on the assumption of a summer 2014 bubble? In my opinion, yes.
Bonus chart:
This chart shows the duration of 3 post-bubble phases for each of the last 7 bubbles:
The "Goin' down" phase starts at the pop and ends at the shift from downtrend to uptrend.
The "Struggling" phase starts at the beginning of the uptrend and ends on the day that the bubble rejoins the "lower boundary" line.
The "Goin' up" phase starts at the date the bubble rejoined the "lower boundary" line and ends at the peak.
On the difficulty of forecasting the next peak price
The bubble chart illustrates a very consistent pattern in the history of the price of bitcoin. We can use this pattern as a basis for expecting the next bubble to occur in the summer of 2014. How high will that bubble be? History offers relatively less confidence in making this prediction. Two sources of variability contribute. The historical bubbles have come in a variety of sizes. The slope of the lower boundary at each prior bubble has varied as well.
This chart overlays the lower boundary from two prior bubbles, and the average lower boundary for all prior bubbles:
You can see that eventual lower boundary for the December bubble is an open question.
These two sources of variation make should motivate a healthy dose of humility when estimating the peak of the next bubble. There will be much less uncertainty this summer when the bubble is getting close to peaking. (Still plenty of uncertainty though!!!)
How to recognize that the December bubble is over
By definition, the December bubble is over when the price touches the lower boundary. This allows us to look in the rear view mirror and say when the December bubble was over after the fact, but I think we can do better.
Here are the historical ratios between the minimum price and the price when the green phase started:
These values are all pretty similar. The average is 1.19. Standard deviation is .24. Assuming for simplicity that this represents a normal distribution around the average, we get a 95% confidence at average + 2 standard deviations, or 1.67.
For the December bubble, assuming the minimum is already in our rear view mirror, the minimum price post peak was 392. Multiply by 1.67 to get $656. So we can say with some confidence that if the pattern holds, by the time the price gets to $656 we have moved into the "Goin' up" phase.
Comparing the slope of the price during the bubble
Here is a chart which compares the slopes of the last four bubbles and the current slope of the price:
The slope of the price is obtained this way:
  1. Using the ln(price) value, for every day, subtract the ln(price) from 7 days prior. This shows how much the price goes up (or down) in 7 days, on a log chart. Using an interval smaller than 7 days made a graph that was a bit jumpy, but you could play around with different intervals.
  2. The graph has been smoothed with a 3 day moving average to go easier on the eyes.
I added an asterisk to the end of the line to represent the "pop" that happened at that point in time.
Chart revision notes 2014-07-31
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AE: New Generation Blockchain Network | [ONETOP Rating]

By Nanjiang He ONETOP Rating April 29, 2018
Statement: the content of this assessment is for reference only. It claims no responsibility for any investment behavior made according to the contents of this assessment. The project is risky and the investment must be prudent.
At present, investment in the blockchain market continues to heat up, with many startup teams joining in one after another, and many traditional companies package themselves and crowd into the ranks. In this situation, investors of all stripes also are rolling up their sleeves for the battle of entering the market. However, as a new thing, blockchain projects at home and abroad are uneven with good and bad mixing together, and there is even a lack of relevant information to identify and judge projects in China, which is confusing and difficult for the investors to get started. Integrated professional mathematical model and economic model, ONETOP rating team, developed version 1.0 of the Market rating model for the blockchain project, as a reference to help investors analyze blockchain projects comprehensively, systematically and objectively, make better investment decisions, and also introduce overseas high-quality projects into China.
I. Project Overview
Aeternity, known as a new generation blockchain network, was launched in 2016 by Yanislav Malahov, a German computer scientist and the "godfather" of Ethereum, Zack Hess, former core developer of Augur and Jack Pettersson, former core developer of Synereo. Aeternity gathers together many disruptive innovations to restore the underlying protocols of today's smart contracts. Aeternity's technical highlights are Turing Complete State Channels and Oracles.
II. Project Evaluation
Market analysis
Weight: 30%, Total score: 3 points, Score: 2.35 points
Market space
Digital currency's total market cap is 2174.781 billion yuan until April 19, 2018, of which ETH's tradable market cap is 330.4 billion yuan.
The virtual currency has built a vast ecosystem under the ETH-based smart contracts, but ETH is not flawless since the problems such as high transaction cost and slow transaction speed have not been solved. Aiming at this market, many public blockchain projects emerged at the right time, of which AE, as the most competitive public blockchain project in Europe with a current market cap of 2.7 billion yuan, stand a great chance to replace the status of Ethernet, and the market space is judged to be at level of 100 billion.
According to the model algorithm: The market is tiny: 0 - 2 points, The market is small: 3 - 4 points, The market is medium: 5 - 6 points, The market is big: 7 - 8 points, The market is enormous: 9 - 10 points, AE gets a score of 7 points for this item.
02 Market Pain Points
ETH, today’s most mainstream public blockchain, has plenty of shortcomings. For instance, the Ethernet blockchain is bloated and unstable, as well as high transaction cost with slow transaction speed and many other inadequacies. The seriousness of these problems has been revealed when In 2017 ETH got clogged up by the popular ETH based cat game CryptoKitties.
Many public blockchain projects were generated from the market pain point mentioned above, among which EOS, NEO, BTM, and a few others have made improvements in different aspects, but most of them are slow in progress and have some defects in the technical team and the basic structure, which is also a big pain point.
According to the model algorithm: the pain point is tiny: 0 - 2 points, the pain point is small: 3 - 4 points, the Pain point is moderate: 5 - 6 points, the pain point is big: 7 - 8 points, the pain point is enormous: 9 - 10 points. AE gets a score of 8 points on this item.
Application Scenario
Scenario 1: Information Market
Recently, we have seen many developers pushing for a decentralized prediction market, which combines what academics call feasibility theories to match the decision-making with the direction of the market.
In the field of small payments, Aeternity puts forward the prediction market to a new level.
Aeternity's technology combines prediction markets with smart contracts, such as weather forecast betting contracts and event betting contracts in the field of gambling.
Scenario 2: Crowdfounding Projects
It’s a new attempt to raise a crowdfunding project based on an absolutely secure smart contract. These specific smart contracts can be used to finance many projects, while meanwhile protecting investors' funds from risks, because if a project fails in the end, then investors' money can be returned.
Through Oracles, Aeternity can also realize such a function: only after the project has completed the delivery of the products or services can it receive the reward.
Scenario 3: Competitive Game Bonus
The game industry is a massive market with rapid development in the blockchain ecosystem given its specificity. Because there are no middlemen, users can fully control the transactions inside the game, and the consideration of the transactions are the lowest price. This is an anti-fraud network. The irreversible trading features brought by blockchain technology deliver a trusted and safe user interaction experience to the game industry.
From simple games to high-end electronic games, users can rely on Aeternity to achieve swift transactions and enjoy the game in a happy and relaxed mood.
Scenario 4: Trustfree Exchange
Aeternity supports cross-chain, trustfree atomic level interchange, such as exchange AE token with Bitcoin or other digital currencies.
Aeternity supports cross-chain, trustfree atomic level interchange, such as exchange AE token with Bitcoin or other digital currencies.
Scenario 5: Micro-payment and Ultramicro-payment
Aeternity's unique processing mode, able to process payments offchain through state channels, has brought the transaction mode up to a new level. The transaction can be confirmed immediately, and privacy can be protected.
According to the model algorithm: The reasonable level of the application scenario is tiny: 0 - 2 points, the reasonable level of the application scenario is small: 3 - 4 points, the reasonable level of the application scenario is moderate: 5 - 6 points, the reasonable level of the application scenario is big: 7 - 8 points, The reasonable level of the application scenario is enormous: 9 - 10 points. The score AE gets on this item is 9 points.
Token Mechanisms
Total supply of tokens: 273,685,830 pieces
Token name: AE
Token distribution: 82% for sale, 17% for foundation and founding team, 1% for the bounty program.
Tradable token : 233,020,472 pieces
Tradable market cap: RMB 2,739,350,453
According to the model algorithm: the reasonable level of the token mechanism is tiny: 0 - 2 points, the reasonable degree of the token mechanism is small: 3 - 4 points, the reasonable degree of the token mechanism is moderate: 5 - 6 points, the reasonable degree of the token mechanism is big: 7 - 8 points, the reasonable degree of the token mechanism is enormous: 9 - 10 points. The score AE gets on this item is 8 points.
Overall score of this dimension: 7 * 10 % 8 * 10 % 9 * 5 % 8 * 5 % = 2.35 points.
Activity Level
Weights: 10 % Total Score: 1 Point, Score: 0.6 Point
The way we judge activity is mainly from the social channels of the project, such as the number of users and the activity level of Telegraph, Twitter and Facebook and so forth, which are the main social media of Aeternity.
390 followers on Twitter and only one tweet. So we can tell it have no activity level at all.
2421 Followers on Facebook, 2027 liked.
In the Telegram, 8,600 people in the official group, and 500 of average daily conversations.
Among all the various communities, Aeternity has a relatively high number of fans and activity level in the group of the telegraph, but gets low attention on Twitter and Facebook.
According to the model algorithm: Activity level is tiny: 0 - 2 points, Activity level is low: 3 - 4 points, Activity level is moderate: 5 - 6 points, Activity level is high: 7 - 8 points, Activity level is enormous: 9 - 10 points. The score AE gets on this item is 6 points.
Overall score of this dimension: 6 * 10 % = 0.6point
Risk Assessment
Weights: 10 %, Total Score: 1 Point, Score: 0.62 Point
Project Development Difficulty
AE has four points of innovations, and we will talk about them one by one:
1. State Channels
The smart contracts of Aeternity is an unmixed function option only existing in the state channel. Like a digital court with self-determination ability, this particular method can effectively reduce the congestion level of the parent blockchain and enhance the transaction efficiency.
2. Decentralized Oracles
The so-called " oracle" means that everyone can set up a valuation adjustment mechanism ( VAM ) on AE and decide the success or failure of it in the future, thus implementing the market forecast. There will be a great chance to apply this technology in ICO and gambling.
  1. Consensus
" Aeternity Blockchain" achieves consensus creatively through a dual algorithm that combining proof of work (PoW) with proof of stake (PoS) method." ”
Aeternity blockchain achieves consensus through a highly innovative dual algorithm, combing PoW and PoS. Based on this algorithm, even smartphones can dig up new coins, which would be the extreme of decentralization. PoS will be applied in scenarios such as predicting the market on the blockchain.
4. Unparalleled Technology Management
On the blockchain of Aeternity, the data information needed to predict market type projects will be straightforward to obtain. These predicted markets will be represented by any number from 0 to 1, which means to miners that which version of blockchain needs to be mined. Such a technical management mechanism is also applicable to the error correction of oracles. This mechanism can also be used to set some variables of the blockchain ( such as to calculate reward, block size, etc. ).
This set of technology is very innovative, but it also greatly increases the difficulty of development.
According to the model algorithm: the development is extremely difficult: 0 - 2 points, the development is difficult: 3 - 4 points, medium development difficulty: 5 - 6 points, the development difficulty is small: 7 - 8 points, the development difficulty is tiny: 9 - 10 points. The score AE gets on this item is 7 points.
At present, the industry competitors are EOS, ETH, XAS, ETP, ADA, QTUM, NEO and so on.
From the data on (a website specialized in big data analysis of digital currency quotation), the total amount of currencies in the smart contracts module has reached 25, and the competition is fierce.
According to the model algorithm: competition is extremely high: 0 - 2 points, competition is high: 3 - 4 points, moderate level of competition: 5 - 6 points, low level of competition: 7 - 8 points, a minimal level of competition: 9 - 10 points. The score AE get on this item is 5 points.
Other Risks
Two CTO of early days in the project team have resigned, and there were rumors of dissension in the team, which makes people to worry about the team's stability.
According to the model algorithm: very high risk: 0 - 2 points, higher risk: 3 - 4 points, medium risk: 5 - 6 points, less risk: 7 - 8 points, minimal risk: 9 - 10 points. The score AE gets on this item is 7 points.
Overall score of this dimension: 7 * 4 % 5 * 4 % 7 * 2 % = 0.62 point
Key technology
Weights 15 %, Total Score: 1.5 points, Score: 1.35 points
Technological Innovation
  1. State Channels
The smart contracts of Aeternity is an unmixed function option only existing in the state channel. The user only interacts on the sidechain. Only when there is disagreement, code and smart contracts will involve blockchain. The whole model is like a digital court with self-determination ability.
2. Deconcentrated Oracle Mechanism
Oracles can provide public data that cannot be tampered with and can execute contracts according to the setting of the oracles. The core content of these mass commercial application such as election results, asset prices, or weather conditions, will apply to Aeternity's oracles.
3. Consensus
Aeternity blockchain achieves consensus through a highly innovative dual algorithm which combines PoW with PoS. The “cuckoo bird” proof method, which promoted the development of random access memory (DRAM), is more efficient with its effect appearing indirectly. Based on this algorithm, even smartphones can dig up new coins, which will be the extreme of decentralization. PoS will be applied in scenarios such as predicting the market on the blockchain.
4. Unparalleled Technology Management
Aeternity brings about a future society in which miners will vote, and value holders will make decisions together.
On the blockchain of Aeternity, the data information needed to predict market type projects will be straightforward to obtain. These predicted markets will be represented by any number from 0 to 1, which means to miners that which version of blockchain needs to be mined.
According to the model algorithm: the degree of technological innovation is extremely low: 0 - 2 points, the degree of Technological innovation is lower: 3 - 4 points, the degree of technological innovation is medium: 5 - 6 points, the degree of technological innovation is higher 7 - 8 points, The degree of technological innovation is higher 9 - 10 points. The score AE gets on this item is 9 points.
Code Status
According to information on, Aeternity has submitted 1601 pieces of codes so far, which ranks 33rd in the number of updates. Compared with other projects horizontally, the efficiency of AE’s update is relatively higher.
According to the model algorithm: the code has not published: 0 - 4 points, Code status medium: 5 - 6 points, the code is in good condition: 7 - 8 points, the code is in excellent condition: 9 - 10 points. The score AE gets on this item is 9 points.
Overall score of this dimension: 9 * 10 %+9 * 5 % = 1.35 points
Execution status
Weights 15 %, Total Score: 1.5 Points, Score: 1.2 Points
According to the officially released route map:
· 2017 Q1-Q3-Starting Period
· 2017 Q1-Testing and Launching
· 2017 Q1-Q2-Complete and have some backing campaign
· 2017 Q3-Building essential Apps
· 2018 Q1-Security Audit
· 2018 Q2 - Mainnet launch
The project is currently in 2018 / Q1 with a high degree of performance.
According to the model algorithm: extremely low degree of implementation: 0 - 2 points, lesser degree of implementation: 3 - 4 points, medium degree of Implementation: 5 - 6 points, A higher degree of implementation: 7 - 8 points, extremely high degree of implementation: 9 - 10 points. The score AE gets on this item is 8 points.
Overall score of this dimension: 8 * 15 % = 1.2 points.
Team evaluation
Weights 20 % Total Score: 2 points, Score: 2 points
Team member
  1. Team CEO
Yanislav, a person of authority in the field of blockchain, has participated in the development of blockchain technology in the early days, and have exchanged technology and ideas with many “old gods” in the field.
In 2013, Yanis Lav envisioned to establish smart contracts on the blockchain, which predates the emergence of ETH, so Yanislav is called " Godfather of Ethereum." Now, as he grows older, a new version of his vision becomes a reality again.
  1. Directors
Since the beginning of 2014, Marion has been particularly interested in integrating technology into the community due to the influence of blockchain technology. She mostly specializes in studying the social-economic impact, disseminating information and taking care of the efficiency of Aeternity’s operation. Before that, she worked in Silicon Valley in the field of marketing and business development.
  1. Team COO
As the founder of a publishing media company ( Proud ), a restaurant ( Beuster ) and two technology start-up companies ( Dropspot and Abend ( 30 employees )), Emin has been an active entrepreneur since 2008. He is a C-level IT product and engineering manager. In the field of blockchain, he was an early adopter, a former Bitcoin miner, and an Ethereum investor. Emin is the CPO and Operations Manager of Aeternity blockchain.
  1. Team Consultant
John specializes in board games, artificial intelligence, algorithmic information theory, distributed computing, and computational biology, etc. Recently, he has been designing a new workflow verification system called "Cuckoo Cycle," which will apply blockchain technology. John is providing advice on the integration of the "Cuckoo Cycle" mining algorithm.
Other members
According to the information obtained from its official website, the team has a large group of members including many developers, technicians, and marketing staffs. We do not introduce all of them here due to limited space.
According to the model algorithm: team strength is extremely weak: 0 - 2 points, team strength is weak: 3 - 4 points, team strength is medium: 5 - 6 points, team strength is high: 7 - 8 points, Team strength is extremely high: 9 - 10 points. The score AE gets on this item is 10 points.
Overall score of this dimension: 10 * 20 % = 2 points
To sum up, M dimension 2.35 points, A dimension 0.6 points, R dimension 0.62 points, K dimension 1.35 points, E dimension 1.2 points, T dimension 2 points. The total score is 8.12.
The total score 8.12 points, investment grade A, the project has a strong comprehensive ability.
Attached: score rating scale
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Quark mentioned in Motley Fool article

The Motley Fool is a very popular investment site.
A minor mention, but the fact that Quark was noted in the same breath as Bitcoin (and no Litecoin) suggests that it's on the radar.
"It's difficult to exactly forecast the problems that cashless payment processors may face in the future. It could be competition from manufacturers in specific point of sale industries, such as Crane Merchandising in vending or Mac-Gray in the coin-operated laundry market. It could be payments methods such as Bitcoin or Quark gaining in popularity. To be sure, the difficulties faced by VeriFone and Ingenico would likely be different from that faced by USAT, which could find problems that relate to the fragility of the small ticket target market who own vending machines. But if the trend toward a cashless society continues, this market segment could benefit. The key is finding the appropriate value that has potential for price appreciation."
submitted by althope to QuarkCoin [link] [comments]

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Yet another blocklimit proposal / compromise | Marcel Jamin | Sep 09 2015

Marcel Jamin on Sep 09 2015:
I propose to:
a) assess what blocklimit is currently technically possible without driving
up costs of running a node up too much. Most systems currently running a
fullnode probably have some capacity left.
b) set the determined blocklimit at the next reward halving
c) then double the blocksize limit at every halving thereafter up to a
hardlimit of 8GB.
Doubling every four years will stay within expected technological growth.
Cisco's VNI forecast predicts a 2.1-fold increase in global average fixed
broadand speed from 2014 to 2019. Nielsen's law, which looks more at the
power user (probably more fitting) is even more optimistic with +50% per
This proposal can be considered a compromise between Pieter's and Gavin's
proposals. While the growth rate is more or less what Pieter proposes, it
includes an initial increase to kickstart the growth. If we start with 8MB,
which seems to be popular among miners, we would reach 8GB in 2056 (as
opposed to 2036 in BIP101). The start date (ca. mid 2016) is also a
compromise between Pieter's 01/2017 and Gavin's 01/2016.
It's simple, predictable and IMHO elegant -- block subsidy halves,
blocksize limit doubles.
It might make sense to update the limit more often in between, though.
Either completely linearly based on a block's timestamp like in BIP101, or
for example for each difficulty period.
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The bitcoin wallet bitcoin training Bitcoin Value - YouTube Bitcoins Are Not Anonymous Why Bitcoin Mining Bitcoins Are Dumb

Bitcoin Prognose - Aktualisiert heute! Bitcoin Kurs Euro. Soll ich verkaufen oder kaufen und wann? Entdecken Sie die Prognose für Morgen, diese Woche und diesen ... But Williams sees the broader market wising up to Bitcoin’s limitations and taking back control in 2014. Bitcoin is not a stock, a bond or even a legal entity. No board or directors oversees it. Digital money that’s instant, private, and free from bank fees. Download our official wallet app and start using Bitcoin today. Read news, start mining, and buy BTC or BCH. Considering the adjustment formula of the mining difficulty in Equation (1) it can be concluded that the computing power added to the Bitcoin network has been exponentially growing since 2014. While preparing this article from November 2018 until the end of December 2018, the Bitcoin block difficulty decreased for four consecutive 2-week-periods for the first time in Bitcoin history. Bitcoin (BTC) Stats. Transactions count, value, Bitcoins sent, difficulty, blocks count, network hashrate, market capitalization...

[index] [9994] [40589] [40893] [30481] [23150] [19594] [19071] [2953] [22567] [13687]

The bitcoin wallet bitcoin training

How to make money with bitcoin. You might be already aware of this NEW digital currency known as BITCOIN, you might have heard it from the news, or even from... Bitcoin, the virtual currency that approximates cash on the internet, isn't easy to get. So people are building ATMs to dispense Bitcoin as well as dollars, Canadian dollars, and other real world ... For more info regarding bitcoin paper wallet, please visit web site below: Tags: asic bitcoin miner, asic bitcoin miner... To read more with regards to bitcoin paper wallet, check out internet site below: Tags: asic bitcoin miner, asic bitcoi... Bitcoin is a software-based payment system described by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and introduced as open-source software in 2009. Payme...